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Awaaz / Essential Interference
Brand: -
Client: Sukanya Baskar
Entrant: Novel

Awaaz / Essential Interference - - - Sukanya Baskar

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Entry Title: Awaaz / Essential Interference
Brand: -
Client: Sukanya Baskar
Entrant Company: Novel
Description: BACKGROUND
‘Awaaz / Essential Interference’ was an exhibition held in upstate New York, about the rise of fascism in India. ‘Awaaz’ is the Hindi word for voice, noise, or sound. All the curated artworks had an aural element. For the publication accompanying the exhibition, the artists were invited to submit textual pieces. Through poems, reading lists, and eulogies, the artists gave powerful, evocative responses to the dire situation in our country.

The design of the publication captures the sombre, gritty mood of the exhibition. The central ‘AWAAZ’ title unit captures the impact and power of a collective voice, ringing out against oppression. The typography throughout the publication shows different kinds of voices one hears in a protest, such as interruptions, echoes, and chants. Only libre typefaces were used, in keeping with the open-sourced, ‘of the people’ sentiment of protest rallies.

The publication is a compilation of screen-printed rough board sheets, held together in a screen-printed plastic sleeve (converting the single-use plastic used for international shipping into the cover.) The titles and author names were letter-pressed, and the edges of the boards were treated with black ink. All in all, the aim was to provide a rich physical experience to the reader.
English Translation: 'Awaaz' means voice, sound, or noise.
Company Credits: Novel
Individual Credits: Ananya Khaitan
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