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Brand: Rubenius
Client: Rubenius
Entrant: Rubenius

Iso.Pod - Rubenius - Rubenius

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Entry Title: Iso.Pod
Brand: Rubenius
Client: Rubenius
Entrant Company: Rubenius
Description: In India, a total of 916 hospitals and over two lakh isolation beds and 12500+ ICU beds are reserved for coronavirus patients. In these pandemic and emergency circumstances, more is always less. Thus, arises the need for instant isolation units.
That is portable, scalable, adaptable, modular and reusable economically favourable, foldable and easy to transport, it is the go-to solution during force majeure.

A collapsible, movable, plug and play isolation room that arrives in a bag and doesn’t burn a hole in our pocket. How amazing is that!

It can be dismantled, installed and ported anywhere and everywhere within minutes.
Just what the world needs today and for all years to come!

What is ISOPOD?
Inspired by origami methodology the Smart Isolation Cubicle is a product that is scalable and portable in a bag with a plug and play mechanism fitted in to make customizing equipment and accessories easier as per the intricacies of each case. ISOPOD is an ideal product that can be used during all medical hazards. With reusability and modularity in its essence, the ISOPOD is economical and adaptable to any condition and can be installed in minimal time.
Company Credits: 10by10
Company Credits: Sonnet
Individual Credits: Rajesh Kumar Das
Individual Credits: Nebin Asharaf
Individual Credits: Sachin Bhat
Individual Credits: Nitya Jois
Individual Credits: Rohana Sarah
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