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The Story Of Progress - CRISIL Foundation - Mein Pragati JPG
The Story Of Progress - CRISIL Foundation - Mein Pragati PDF

The Story Of Progress - Mein Pragati
Client: CRISIL Foundation
Entrant: OPEN Strategy & Design

The Story Of Progress - Mein Pragati - CRISIL Foundation

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Entry Title: The Story Of Progress
Brand: Mein Pragati
Client: CRISIL Foundation
Entrant Company: OPEN Strategy & Design
Description: Mein Pragati is a financial learning programme started by CRISIL that teaches rural women how to manage the money they earn. To help the local spokespersons in Assam to implement it, we created a brand manual unlike any other.

We illustrated the brand’s touchpoints through Pragati, an Assamese woman. Through atmospheric, ethereal illustrations the manual unfolds the story of Pragati as she escapes the cycle of debt and progresses towards self-sustainability. Each illustration incorporates the brand colours and uses an easy but highly evocative style to paint a picture of her life. The series work together to take the reader from one chapter to the next, making it visually memorable.

Mein Pragati has touched the lives of over 150,000+ women across Assam and Rajasthan. It won the President’s Medal for CSR in 2019.
Individual Credits: Creative Head: Ashutosh Karkhanis
Individual Credits: Creative Director: Ashutosh Karkhanis, Vatsala Bisen
Individual Credits: Illustration: Ashutosh Karkhanis
Individual Credits: Copy: Vatsala Bisen
Individual Credits: Designer: Sanjana Mehta, Ashutosh Karkhanis
Individual Credits: Studio: Daniel Nadar
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