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The Human Cost Of Assam Tea - Oxfam India
Client: Oxfam India
Entrant: Ting

The Human Cost Of Assam Tea - Oxfam India - Oxfam India

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Entry Title: The Human Cost Of Assam Tea
Brand: Oxfam India
Client: Oxfam India
Entrant Company: Ting
Description: Since the British established tea production, Assam has become the largest tea-producing state in India, the largest tea-producing region in the world and the world's fourth-largest exporter of tea. However, even after 160 years, over a million tea estate workers in Assam work & live in inhumane conditions and are denied their basic human rights.

With Chai being India's unofficial national beverage and national pass-time - it was important for consumers to know the #TruthAboutTea and demand fair-trade, and transparency from all stakeholders involved in its creation. A simple, yet hard-hitting campaign, #TruthAboutTea sought to create awareness across the board through films, social media posts and ads, missed call campaigns, and BTL activations.
Company Credits: Ting
Individual Credits: Akita Sanil (Sr. Client Servicing)
Individual Credits: Viraj Kale (Creative Head)
Individual Credits: Riddhi Seta (Sr. Art Director)
Individual Credits: Tanishqa Nagpal (Sr. Visualizer)
Individual Credits: Prerna Laxhani (Graphic Designer)
Individual Credits: Vipul Vij (Sr. Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Ritika Saraiya (Sr. Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Mohit Jindal (Backend Development)
Individual Credits: Adarsh Anchal (Team Lead - Frontend Development)
Individual Credits: Vipin Patil (Chief Technical Officer)
Individual Credits: Sandesh Vengurlekar (Sr. Animator & Video Editor)
Individual Credits: Yogesh Dighe (Group Head – Video & Animation)
Individual Credits: Bhargav Pandya (Digital Marketing Manager)
Individual Credits: Rajiv Sathe (Partner - Digital Marketing)
Individual Credits: Shruti Dhadda (Creative Director)
Individual Credits: Pranav Dandge (Senior Visualizer)
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