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Awaaz / Essential Interference - -
Client: Sukanya Baskar
Entrant: Novel

Awaaz / Essential Interference - - - Sukanya Baskar

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Entry Title: Awaaz / Essential Interference
Brand: -
Client: Sukanya Baskar
Entrant Company: Novel
Description: BACKGROUND
‘Awaaz / Essential Interference’ was an exhibition held in upstate New York, about the rise of fascism in India. ‘Awaaz’ is the Hindi word for voice, noise, or sound. All the curated artworks had an aural element.

The central ‘AWAAZ’ title unit captures the impact and power of a collective voice, ringing out against oppression. The typography throughout the exhibition justaxposes a straightforward sans serif with an urgent scrawl. Only libre typefaces were used, in keeping with the open-sourced, ‘of the people’ sentiment of protest rallies.

An exhibition about resistance to a growing fascist regime in India, when held in New York, loses an important piece of context: the regime itself. Thus, the design had to play the role of the oppressive, fascistic regime.

Three ‘symbols of fascism’ were developed: the eye of constant surveillance, the mouth of endless propoganda, and the fist of brute force. These are amongst the telltale signs of rising authoritarian power, and are rife in India. As an easter egg for the eagle-eyed, a deconstruction of our ruling party’s symbol was included in these symbols.

These symbols punctuated the entire exhibition space, to recreate the context within which the artworks’ resistance came up.
English Translation: 'Awaaz' means voice, sound, or noise.
Company Credits: Novel
Individual Credits: Ananya Khaitan
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