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Lockdown Brain
Brand: Novel
Client: Novel
Entrant: Novel

Lockdown Brain - Novel - Novel

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Lockdown Brain
Brand: Novel
Client: Novel
Entrant Company: Novel
Description: When the pandemic hit India and we went into lockdown, I was suddenly stuck in my tiny apartment, alone and bouncing off the walls. I define ‘Lockdown Brain’ as a particular kind of cabin fever that plagues those with the creative affliction.

It is this stir-crazy state that saw me combine my twin passions—poetry and design—into a series of ‘visual poems’.

Weight-gain, ‘the new normal’ work emails, corporate bailouts… I channelled every woe and concern plaguing me into this project.

(Detailed descriptions in the PDF)
Company Credits: Novel
Individual Credits: Ananya Khaitan
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