ARCHITECTURE - Spatial Design (Wayfinding & Environmental)

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Brand: Facebook India
Client: Meta
Entrant: Fosite

Kha - Facebook India - Meta

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Kha
Brand: Facebook India
Client: Meta
Entrant Company: Fosite
Description: Facebook has cafes across the globe in its offices headed by an experienced culinary team. They build these spaces in-line with a restaurant, which includes thematically designing the space, graphics, and branding of the cafe. Each cafe needs to connect to the young demography of the company and have hints of the local culture while still being largely globally neutral and relevant.

The theme and design was technological gastronomy; a collision of the culinary world along with the tech-based background of the company. The visuals, graphics, illustrations, and installations were designed to bring these two worlds together by seamlessly integrating them. Tech objects were used to replace traditional ingredients and elements from food dishes being served. From afar they looked like your daily food groups, but on close inspection, unraveled tech objects as easter eggs dotted all throughout the site. This resulted in a very fun, vibrant, and eclectic space to dine in.
Individual Credits: Design Director: Bhushanraj Rajan
Individual Credits: Creative Lead : Naomi Kundu
Individual Credits: Design Manager : Hena Najeeb
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