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A Daffodil Amongst Narcissuses
Brand: SG Kovvali
Client: Notion Press
Entrant: Shagnik Chakraborty

A Daffodil Amongst Narcissuses - SG Kovvali - Notion Press

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Entry Title: A Daffodil Amongst Narcissuses
Brand: SG Kovvali
Client: Notion Press
Entrant Company: Shagnik Chakraborty
Description: A Daffodil Amongst Narcissuses (ADAN for short) is an indie book written by Shreshtha Gopal Kovvali (S.G Kovvali), published and distributed with the help of Notion Press, India. An illustrated book comprising seven fantastical short stories, ADAN was a self initiated effort by three college students, which includes the writer, in which they wanted their individual skill-sets to come together in such a way which would yield a tangible product available to the wider world. This book is not only a result of that, but also a statement on how far a small team can go when working tightly and efficiently together, and how far limited restrictions on artistic exploration can take a project ahead.

The Illustrations created for this book take a lot of inspiration from pen and ink illustrations prominent in many old books from the west which were written around the 17th century. As authors such as Oscar Wilde served as an inspiration for the writing, so did the illustrations which accompanied writing back then. The intricate and detailed hatching and filling is a modern day re-imagination of this style, but with it’s own twists and stylizations which make these illustrations iconic to this book itself.

The type of illustrations in this book can be divided into three kinds: descriptive, metaphorical, and suggestive. The metaphorical ones tend to be the smaller illustrations dotted throughout the book, while the descriptive and suggestive illustrations comprise the full page artworks which often appear at the very beginning of the stories.
Company Credits: Notion Press
Individual Credits: Twisha Mehta (co-designer)
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