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The DIY Range
Brand: ezyCR8
Client: Asian Paints
Entrant: Landor & Fitch

The DIY Range - ezyCR8 - Asian Paints

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Entry Title: The DIY Range
Brand: ezyCR8
Client: Asian Paints
Entrant Company: Landor & Fitch
Description: ezyCR8 (easy + create) is the first range of millennial-friendly D.I.Y. products designed for homemakers across India. With a variety of home improvement products available in the market which cater to needs like maintenance, protection & decor, Asian Paints developed an innovative concept of introducing these products in an easy to use aerosol format. Products like buckets & tubes could also be used in four easy steps, providing a convenient and hassle-free experience.

Inspired by current consumer needs, our aim was to help signal a shift towards ease and experimentation. Keeping this mantra in mind, we developed a brand which conveys simplicity and convenience. It entices consumers to open their minds and gives them the confidence to be self-reliant.
Company Credits: Landor & Fitch
Company Credits: Locopopo
Individual Credits: Mark Dcosta
Individual Credits: Kurnal Rawat
Individual Credits: Tejas Sawant
Individual Credits: Suchit Kakar
Individual Credits: Rhea Shah
Individual Credits: Tazeen Shaikh
Individual Credits: Minesh Chogale
Individual Credits: Vrushali Somavanshi
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