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Reimagining Setu
Brand: Setu
Client: Setu
Entrant: Animal

Reimagining Setu - Setu - Setu

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Reimagining Setu
Brand: Setu
Client: Setu
Entrant Company: Animal
Description: Setu is a supplement-nutrition brand that wanted to shed its ‘medicinal’ baggage and make the brand more approachable.

So we doubled down on ‘transparent’ as a theme to make the brand seem less alienating and sterile like other medicinal products.

We borrowed from engineering diagrams, blueprints, and schematics to highlight the ‘background workings’ of our products. This approach capitalised on the appearance of the products themselves, while aiding recognisability.

The power of the entire identity came from its colour palette. Where benefits of each product were visualised as a soft perpetual gradient but inside schematics-inspired packaging. The versatility of the colours allowed us to give a unique ‘visual shorthand’ to every product. Different colours corresponded to different after-effects while adding lightness to an otherwise boring blueprint.

For example: Blue Light Defence (an eye product) has a gradient that moves away from the titular colour, whereas Deep Sleep is a drowsy dark purple.
Company Credits: Animal Advertising
Individual Credits: Kunel Gaur - Creative Head
Individual Credits: Sayantan Choudhury - Creative Head
Individual Credits: Sharon Borgoyary - Account Director
Individual Credits: Naveed Hussain - Art Director
Individual Credits: Aditi Raj - Art Director
Individual Credits: Prakhar Khandelwal - Copy
Individual Credits: Rhea Kumar - Copy
Individual Credits: Simran Kurani - Copy
Individual Credits: Anish Das - Copy
Individual Credits: Anubhuti Tyagi - Account Manager
Individual Credits: Anindita Biswas - Account Manager
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