ARCHITECTURE - Spatial Design (Wayfinding & Environmental)

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Brand: LinkedIn India
Client: LinkedIn
Entrant: Fosite

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Blue Elephant

Entry Title: LinkedIn
Brand: LinkedIn India
Client: LinkedIn
Entrant Company: Fosite
Description: The Indian geographical landscape is made up of several distinct, diverse nuances that come together to form one cohesive and elegant entity. The allure of the larger picture is that the land is made up of several smaller elements with their own character and integrity — and when you examine the parts themselves, there’s great beauty in the detail.

Terrain, the concept for this space, connects and draws parallels with the geographical landscape of India along with LinkedIn’s core values of Transformation and Diversity, ensuring that they are present in spirit throughout the space. They are brought about by visualizing physical features through texture, pattern, graphics, crafts, material, and installations.

This resulted in a space that is truly immersive, globally and locally relevant, celebrating our surroundings and bringing together a visually engaging space.
Individual Credits: Design Director: Bhushanraj Rajan
Individual Credits: Creative Lead : Stuthi Vasudevan
Individual Credits: Design Manager: Hena Najeeb
Individual Credits: Photography: Shamanth Patil, Bhushanraj Rajan
Individual Credits: Collaboration & Commissions: Isha Pimpalkhare
Individual Credits: Production: Bhushanraj Rajan, Hanumanth
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