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Square Yards Identity - Square Yards - Square Yards JPG
Square Yards Identity - Square Yards - Square Yards PDF

Square Yards Identity - Square Yards
Client: Square Yards
Entrant: Animal

Square Yards Identity - Square Yards - Square Yards

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Square Yards Identity
Brand: Square Yards
Client: Square Yards
Entrant Company: Animal
Description: The real estate market is fraught with troubles of all kinds: information, logistics, payment, formalities. Now normally, contending with these issues wouldn’t be a hassle, but the magnitude of effort and money both ensure that home-buyers—especially first-timers—struggle profusely.

But Square Yards sings a different song. Its end-to-end solutions and transparent approach to things are practically revolutionary in a category plagued with problems.

So we took a deliberated, deconstructed approach to the Square Yards identity. Remember the classic Dots and Boxes game?
Inspired by the game’s simplified ease and distinct design, we reimagined the entire process of home-ownership as the many enjoyable steps of a beloved game, one that anyone can play.

This device also lent itself beautifully to extensions, with a hero square always taking center stage.

Company Credits: Animal Advertising
Individual Credits: Kunel Gaur - Creative Head
Individual Credits: Sayantan Choudhury - Creative Head
Individual Credits: Sharon Borgoyary - Account Director
Individual Credits: Yash Prajapati - Art Director
Individual Credits: Prakhar Khandelwal - Copy
Individual Credits: Sheetal Raghav - Copy
Individual Credits: Aniket Bhandari - Copy
Individual Credits: Sukriti Dubey - Copy
Individual Credits: Anindita Biswas - Account Manager
Individual Credits: Pranay Patwardhan - Animation
Individual Credits: Vishank Kumar - Animation
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