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Tigoona MV
Brand: Studio ABD
Client: Studio ABD
Entrant: Studio ABD

Tigoona MV - Studio ABD - Studio ABD

Baby Brass Elephant

Entry Title: Tigoona MV
Brand: Studio ABD
Client: Studio ABD
Entrant Company: Studio ABD
Description: A true reflection of our development and progressiveness is to see our streets as clean, neat, and beautiful as our inside compound experiences. The tangible and intangible progress must reach the bottom of the pyramid to bridge the social divide to bring pride and a sense of belonging.

One of the most critical players in India's middle-class consumer market is the humble "Street vendors and hawkers". They are the lowest denominator of the retail market, providing products and services to the most inaccessible consumer in the populous country.
While fortunate people like us have progressed to the next level with the economic and technological revolution, one large section is still stuck with old, outdated systems, Indian Street Vendors.

There are more than 10 million estimated street vendors in urban cities of India. Most of them use makeshift contraptions on a bicycle to adapt to their business needs. Since independence, the design of the cycle for these vendors and the life of these vendors remained the same.

Most mobile businesses are designed for men, though women participate equally in earning the wages; there are very few examples of systems designed for women entrepreneurs and their mobility.

Tigoona is a state-of-the-art mobility solution that improves the quality of LIFE & EARNING potential of every delivery associate and street vendor.

तिगूना means three times, Tigoona offers the possibility of 3X Business, Mobility, Reach, Comfort, Safe, Ease, and importantly, Pride to street vendors. Tigoona provides an equal opportunity for women vendors with safe and easy mobility. Tigoona trike is compatible with regional/traditional costumes.

Our vision is to Disrupt the last-mile retail experience with human-centered design and a robust mobile platform. Our dream is to retail our trike at $100 to achieve our million users' goal. Tigoona movement could positively impact more than 6 SDGs, mainly focusing on gender equality and Decent work/Economic growth.
Company Credits: Flying Chappal Productions (Film Credit)
Company Credits: IdeaCulture (Content Credit)
Individual Credits: Abhijit Bansod
Individual Credits: Akhil S
Individual Credits: Madan K
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