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Villa Fagu
Brand: Private
Client: Private
Entrant: Under Mango Tree

Villa Fagu - Private - Private

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Entry Title: Villa Fagu
Brand: Private
Client: Private
Entrant Company: Under Mango Tree
Description: Villa Fagu straddles a mountain ridge in the Western Himalayas. The house has been built as two separate volumes on the extremely narrow site to avoid cutting any existing tree. The ridge is part of a watershed which drains into India on one side and Pakistan on the other. This feature has been used to articulate the mono-pitched roofs and to choreograph the flow of rainwater. Piped water is scarce in the region outside monsoon months and the project demonstrates rainwater harvesting through a system of catchment pools and tanks. The enigmatic volumes are redolent of the local vernacular architecture.
Individual Credits: Gaurav Raj Sharma, Sundaram, Sneha Reddy, Lakshmi Chaitanya, Shruti Singh, Tara Kohali
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