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Brand: Budweiser
Client: Budweiser
Entrant: Animal

BudXStreet - Budweiser - Budweiser

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: BudXStreet
Brand: Budweiser
Client: Budweiser
Entrant Company: Animal
Description: Budweiser is a brand for the youth which is always the first to indulge in a cultural exchange with its consumers. So launching an apparel segment for its consumers was a natural step for Bud. Hence this project – BUDXSTREET. The objective behind this collection was to connect with the burgeoning street community of India.

When you think about it, although street names may differ, street culture has almost become a global phenomenon. Of course, with every street imbibing and learning from each other.
So the challenge was to take the sensibilities of global street culture and marry that with inherent local elements like motifs.

The collection was broken down into several sets. For some, we borrowed elements from some really iconic packaging that we see around us, and then, de-constructing them to produce fresh compositions. We also used custom typography. In some cases, we re-interpreted some classic graphic elements that are vintage in nature. Each piece in the range features either large graphic prints or subtle all-over patterns.

We wanted a collection that would not look out of place, be it the streets of New York or New Delhi. And hence, we ended with a collection that has a chill, laid-back, yet confident vibe.
Company Credits: Animal Advertising
Individual Credits: Kunel Gaur - Creative Head
Individual Credits: Sayantan Choudhury - Creative Head
Individual Credits: Sharon Borgoyary - Account Director
Individual Credits: Yash Prajapati - Art Director
Individual Credits: Baptiste David - Art Director
Individual Credits: Samya Ghosh - Art Director
Individual Credits: Prakhar Khandelwal - Copy
Individual Credits: Sheetal Raghav - Copy
Individual Credits: Aniket Bhandari - Copy
Individual Credits: Vishank Kumar - Animation
Individual Credits: Malvika Dwivedi - Animation
Individual Credits: Shruti Agarwal - Account Manager
Individual Credits: Vipul Sachdev - 3D artist
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