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Keventers Ice Creamery - Keventers
Client: Keventers
Entrant: Animal

Keventers Ice Creamery - Keventers - Keventers

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Keventers Ice Creamery
Brand: Keventers
Client: Keventers
Entrant Company: Animal
Description: Ice creams are like milkshakes you can eat. To relaunch Keventers Ice Creamery, we created ice cream packs and cups that illustrate the stories of Mr Edward Keventer—the Swedish entrepreneur who founded Keventers—and his quests around the world as he goes strawberry-picking in the fields or experiments with blueberries at the Keventers HQ.

The designs are a blend of classic and contemporary—much like Keventers' new ice creams themselves. We have also consciously considered the packaging material. All packs are made of paper, a sustainable solution, and a small step for a healthier planet.
Company Credits: Animal Advertising
Individual Credits: Kunel Gaur - Creative Head
Individual Credits: Sayantan Choudhury - Creative Head
Individual Credits: Sharon Borgoyary - Account Director
Individual Credits: Pranay Patwardhan - Creative Director
Individual Credits: Samya Ghosh - Art Director
Individual Credits: Shweta Shetty - Art Director
Individual Credits: Parul Aden - Art Director
Individual Credits: Arun KP - Art Director
Individual Credits: Prakhar Khandelwal - Copy
Individual Credits: Rhea Kumar - Copy
Individual Credits: Vishank Kumar - Animation
Individual Credits: Tanaya Khadke - Animation
Individual Credits: Shwetank Shankar - Account Manager
Individual Credits: Anubhuti Tyagi - Account Manager
Individual Credits: Shruti Aggarwal - Account Manager
Individual Credits: Shivam Bapat - Social Media Manager
Individual Credits: Hasmeet Chattha - Social Media Manager
Individual Credits: Anubhav Kesarwani - 3D Artist
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