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Family Heirloom - Amar Tea Pvt Ltd - Society Tea PDF

Family Heirloom - Society Tea
Client: Amar Tea Pvt Ltd
Entrant: Black Swan Life

Family Heirloom - Society Tea - Amar Tea Pvt Ltd

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Entry Title: Family Heirloom
Brand: Society Tea
Client: Amar Tea Pvt Ltd
Entrant Company: Black Swan Life
Description: The brief was to launch pickles & chutneys under the banner of House Of Society (makers of Society Tea).
The task was to devise a campaign that does justice to the carefully sought out ingredients and thoughtfully crafted authentic taste.
The idea was to take people back on a trip down memory lane to rekindle the forgotten tastes of home made pickles and chutneys the way they used to be made by our great grand mothers and grand mothers in their kitchens. And how that special home-recipe was something of an heirloom that was passed down from one generation to the next.
To bring this idea alive we went back to the photography style of the late 1800s and early 1900s. As if someone captured the kitchens of India during that time.
Company Credits: Black Swan Life
Individual Credits: Sukumar Menon - Creative Head
Individual Credits: Naisho Abraham - Design Head
Individual Credits: Ameya Soman - Sr. Design Director
Individual Credits: Rasika Banerjee - Strategy Head
Individual Credits: Prathyush Menon - Sr. Account Manager
Individual Credits: Martin Prihoda - Photographer
Individual Credits: Amarendra Singh - Producer
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